Spring Break in Israel

22 Apr

This year I spent the first of my two weeks of Spring Break in Israel. We traveled from Eilat to Jerusalem and then to Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea before heading back to Cairo.  The trip from Cairo to Taba wasn’t bad at all, only six hours or so and I remembered to pack plenty of snacks. So many in fact that I had breakfast and snacks for the next day in Israel.  Once we entered into Eilat the fun part started though.  I was with four other girls but, most likely because I look like I could be Egyptian, I was lucky enough to get my stuff searched at the border crossing into Eilat!  The front page of my homework had the word “Islam” on it so of course I had to put up with some very silly questioning about why I would have that.  The fact that I was coming from Egypt where I study at the American University in Cairo seems like a reasonable enough explanation but apparently not.  After 10 minutes of questioning and them dumping out all of my luggage I was grudgingly allowed to leave.  Of course, I had to repack everything without any help…glad my underwear was clean at least.  After that we got our passports stamped and grabbed a taxi to the boardwalk where we ate at a rather popular restaurant named Aroma.  At this point I have to mention that our trip during Spring Break happened to coincide with Passover, Western Easter and Eastern Palm Sunday.  I had stayed overnight at a friend’s place in Cairo so I could catch the early morning bus and gotten the chance to participate in my first Seder.  Now, there was a certain poignancy to be celebrating the exodus of the Jewish people out of Egypt while in Cairo waiting to go to Israel.  Though that could also have just been the wine after four months of being dry. Oh my, how expensive alcohol is here!  Anyway, the point of this side trip down random memory lane is that all the bread in Israel was unleavened throughout our stay.  Except for the delicious fig bread I managed to find each morning (but that’s a different story).  I’ll have to leave this update here as I’m about to lose my internet access again, but tomorrow’s post should continue the story.

2 Responses to “Spring Break in Israel”

  1. Tia Thursday, 23 April 2009 at 5:21 pm #

    Thanks for posting; I have been waiting to hear all about your trip. Looks like just 40 more days and you will be back on the good old USA soil again. It sounds so WONDERFUL I can’t wait to see the pictures and of course hear more STORIES. Take Care and see you in 40 more days. Love and HUGS, Tia

  2. Shelia Carson Tuesday, 3 November 2015 at 8:41 am #

    Israel is an amazing country. My dad arranged a holiday there last year. it was the best present ever!

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