Hurgada and the Red Sea

21 Mar

Last month we went to Hurgada, a pleasing resort-style town on the Red Sea.  The bus ride from Cairo took several hours and was somewhat uncomfortable, but not horribly so.  We spent a few hours looking for a decently priced hotel and found one for about 50 LE each for the night.  The rest of the day we spent hanging out at the beach and exploring the city; we went shopping for cute dresses to wear that night for the club and I ran into a goat and the afternoon prayer.  I felt a bit uncomfortable walking in front of all these men praying in my skimpy beach attire, but since they were lining all the streets it was impossible to walk around them.  We went back to our hotel for a little bit of a nap followed by happy hour before heading out on the town.  We were a bit too early to go to the club as of yet so we grabbed dinner and then smoked sheesha and drank tea at a ridiculously overpriced place downtown, clearly catering to the foreigner population.  Afterward my friend and I went to the local Hard Rock Cafe since she knew someone who could get us in and ladies drank free until 2 AM or so.  Everyone else went to see DJ Feedo at Buddha where we joined them a few hours later.  The Hard Rock was fun and, as well as supplying females with free drinks, they played mostly American songs that I recognized and could dance to. On the other hand, the crowd was mostly Americans and Europeans with very few, if any, Egyptians.  The crowd at Buddha was less enthusiastic, possibly because of the late hour, and sadly we missed the R&B stuff by DJ Feedo.  We eventually left the club in the early morning hours and wandered around looking for breakfast before going back to our hotel to sleep and get cleaned up before the bus back to Cairo.  Overall, Hurgada seemed like a nice place to spend a weekend on the beach, but I’ve heard that Dahab is even better.

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