First Friday Project – Ikebana

14 Sep

Every Friday afternoon after our weekly test, JCMU hosts a non-obligatory Friday project in which all the students can participate.  This week’s project was ikebana or the art of flower arrangement.  Ikebana originated as a practice for samurais, but is now enjoyed by both genders.  It is an art that harmonizes the human being with nature.  Ikebana is not simply about creating a vase of pretty flowers, but about expressing the essence of nature through the medium of flowers.  There are many Ikebana schools and artists throughout Japan who debate over how this is correctly done so that each arrangement differs mightily from another.  Now admittedly we didn’t get much into this during our hour long session, but it was a really interesting experience nonetheless.  Below I’ve posted photos of the two senseis’ flower arrangements as well as my own finished project.

One Response to “First Friday Project – Ikebana”

  1. ym Sunday, 14 September 2008 at 7:44 am #

    the flowers are great , i.m happy to see your posted posted some pics, it sounds like you are enjoying your time in japan. hope you continue to keep posting

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