Hikone – Quick Update

10 Sep

Sorry for being so lazy about updating; it’s been a rather hectic few days.  It is now a week since classes began though I’ve only had one class besides intensive Japanese. After taking my placement test I was placed into level two, not exactly surprising as I haven’t studied Japanese in three years, but it was still rather disappointing.  I had the option of working really really hard to catch up to the third years or sticking with second and I finally decided on the second option.  I really need to work on my basic Japanese skills in order to communicate more efficiently and effectively so taking second year is the best solution.  Of course, this means that I will have to change my Japanese major to a minor so I’m hoping that that will work out alright.  I already have enough credits/classes to have a minor in Japanese so I’m tempted to drop one of my two electives so I’ll have more time to focus on studying Japanese and participating in local clubs/activities.  However, both of the classes seem really interesting.  One is on minorities in Japan and the other looks at cultural representations of Buddhism.  Though if I did decide to drop one it would probably be the former because it is only open to JCMU students while the other is at the local University of Shiga Prefecture so I’d have a chance to speak to Japanese students.  I’ll have to update later today about what I’ve been doing in Hikone other than studying, but I have class in ten minutes.  じゃあ、また。

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