The Trip to Hikone and Settling In

2 Sep

It’s my first morning waking up in Japan and despite going to bed around 1 AM, I’m up with the sun at 6.  At least now I can finish unpacking/settling into my cozy room.  The rest of the journey to JCMU proved uneventful.  We ended up shipping our check-in luggage from the airport and then taking a three-hour bus ride from Osaka to the JCMU building in Hikone.  Not exactly the first thing you want to do after a fourteen hour plane ride, but oh well.  We ended up getting into Hikone fairly late so we just received our room assignments and moved right in and started unpacking.  My room seems nice; it’s not enormous, but it’s large enough for me. I’ll post a few pictures once I get all moved in.  I also have a roommate with whom I share the kitchen and bathroom. She seems like a pretty nice girl. Thankfully we have hot water and an internet connection – the only two things that really matter.  Today is orientation and tomorrow is our placement test so I’m assuming I’ll get to check out a lot of Hikone today.

One Response to “The Trip to Hikone and Settling In”

  1. ym Tuesday, 2 September 2008 at 5:57 pm #

    so happy to hear you had a safe flight to japan .

    i enjoyed the post . hope you do post some pics
    and have a great time in japan

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