Detroit to Osaka in less than 14 hours

1 Sep

Flight from Detroit to Osaka: 13 hours and 40 minutes.  Current time remaining: 6 hours and 5 minutes.  This flight is really freaking long.  But at least they serve us food fairly often so I haven’t yet felt overly hungry despite skipping out on breakfast and lunch.  A few hours ago they made everyone close the shades to the windows so that the inside of the plane is dark except for the movie screen and the overhead lights.  It makes for a rather dreary flight.  Really, I should probably be falling asleep soon as it’s nearly 11 PM EST.  On the other hand, it’s a bright-eyed noon day in Osaka and I’d hate to mess up my inner clock so soon.  I should probably just try to stay awake as much as possible so that I’ll be tired again around midnight tonight (JST).  I’ve been attempting to keep myself entertained by a combination of kanji and tango practice, talking with the person next to me on the plane, playing on my computer and watching the (admittedly boring) in-flight movie. My only consolation to this ride is that I managed to secure an emergency exit seat which lets me have at least twice the normal leg room.  If I didn’t have this I think I would have long since given up hope.  Every now and again I stand up if only to relieve the wicked pressure on my back.  These seats were really not designed for a 13+ hour flight.  I’m thinking it’s my lucky day because the pilot has just announced that we are most likely landing at 5:30 PM JST, a full 50 minutes earlier than planned.  I wonder if this will affect JCMU’s plan of having us ride the bus to Hikone and if we’ll end up taking the train instead.  Now I’m wishing I hadn’t repacked my luggage as it will be much more difficult to carry than what I previously had packed.  Well, that’s all of interest that I have to say so I’ll update once I’ve moved into my new dorm room at JCMU. じゃあまた。

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