Ann Arbor Art Fairs

27 Jul

Last week (Wed-Sat) the city of Ann Arbor had what is known as the Ann Arbor Art Fairs.  Artists come from all over the Midwest, and even further, to sell their wares and some 500,000 visitors invade the city.  There are actually four different Art Fairs each centering around a main street/area.  There’s the South University Art Fair (on S. University), the Summer Art Fair (Main St and State St), the State Street Art Fair (State St and its surroundings), and the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair (the bell tower and N. University).  It’s interesting that all of them work together in that they are at the same time and so attract many more participants than they would alone, but they also seem to be competing against each other each claiming to be “the best”.  In addition to the numerous food stalls and artist booths where some artists are even willing to demonstrate their craft, there are performances of various musicians or dancers at the Art Fairs that have stages. The residents of Ann Arbor generally try to leave town because most of the main streets are blocked off for the artists’ tents and the crowds of people don’t exactly make for a relaxing evening on the town.  On the other hand, it’s easy to appreciate being able to listen to all sorts of live music for free.  Overall, I don’t think the Ann Arbor Art Fair is worth the hype that it gets and I sure as heck wouldn’t drive hours and spend tons of money on food and lodging just to pay a ridiculously high price for someone’s artwork, but if that’s your thing, you should check it out.

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