Tips for Airline Travel

26 Jul

This is a collection of tips for making your airline travel more comfortable.

Food. Pack your own, especially for shorter trips of only a few hours.  In general, international flights offer a large enough quantity of food for its travelers though I often question who thinks up these disturbing menu offers of grey meat smothered in thick, grey sauce. On the other hand, most domestic flights have ceased to offer free meals/snacks and instead expect you to purchase everything at 200-300% price increases. $3 for a bottle of water and $4 for some crackers?  I think not. Pack your own snacks.

Packing. Your carry-on should include all the absolute essentials that you CANNOT lose no matter what, i.e. important documents and valuables.  If possible, including a change of clothes is also a good bet in case your luggage gets lost.  But do be sure that your carry-on is of appropriate dimensions and weight and that liquids are in quantities of 100 ml or less (or whatever is permitted by the airline) and placed in a separate, clear plastic, quart-sized bag. Your laptop should be easily removed and replaced inside of your carry-on as they will make you remove it at the security checkpoints.  And be sure to place all prohibited items in your checked luggage rather than your carry-on.  Forgetting is a good way to lose your favorite pocket knife or nail clippers. Domestic flights in the US have recently limited the amount of free checked luggage so you’ll want to take that into account as well.

Wear lots of layers. Not only will this help you keep warm in the climate-controlled airport and on the plane, but it also reduces the amount of things you need to pack if you wear a sweater and jacket.  Also, you can’t be sure what the weather is going to be like where you’re going, so it’s better to be able to take things off than not have anything to put on.

Security. Don’t make jokes or rude comments to the guards – the line will move much faster if you’re not strip-searched in front of everyone.  Removing all metal and gel-like items from your body and placing them into your carry-on will speed along the process.  Also, having things well-organized in your carry-on prevents security from mistaking your camera charger for a bomb.

Lastly, bring a book for the layover/delay you will undoubtedly have.

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