Rome and the end of Feria

19 Jul

Awhile ago I spent a week in Rome and enjoyed it so much that I extended my stay by an extra two days. I spent the first few days hanging out with my friend from high school who was staying there for a semester and then after my phone died I wondered around the city by myself and with a few other foreigners.

The first day I mostly just located my hostel and hung out with my friend from high school (who was study abroad in Rome) and her dorm-mates. Then they showed me around town to various bars and nightclubs. My intention was to meet up with them the next day, but due to my phone dying on me and vague directions to our meeting point I ended up wandering the city by myself.  In a single day I managed to see the Vatican, Basilica, St. Peter’s Square, the Coliseum, and more fountains and churches than I can remember.

The next several days I leisurely wandered around the city with a few new friends from my hostel.  We checked out the Vatican museum, visited the Pantheon, saw the Pope, threw coins in the Trevi Fountain and all kinds of random, but fun, tourist stuff.

When I finally got back to Spain after my extended stay in Italy, I was happy to realize Feria was still going on.  I find it hard to describe the cacophony that was the Feria grounds.  One half looked like a technicolor circus scape and the other half was full of red and white or green and white striped tents within which nicely dressed people danced around and nibbled on tapas.  But Feria really deserves a post all to itself so I’ll write that one shortly. Check back later.

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