Why it helps to have friends abroad

18 Jul

It is extremely beneficial to have friends studying abroad in different countries/cities when you are.  The most important reason being – free room and tour guide.  When you want to travel cheaply while abroad, the best thing to do is figure out if any of your friends are studying in the cities you want to go to.  If they are, you can possibly be able to stay with them instead of a hostel or hotel.  Also, they will probably be more than happy to show you around the city if they don’t have work/classes.  For example, my friend and I spent a long weekend in Paris at the apartment of a friend of his who was studying abroad and it saved both of us a great deal of time and money.  In addition to giving us a wonderful tour of the city she saved us the expense of staying in a hostel in Paris, which can be rather expensive if you want a central location and decent accomodations. Of course, in return for your stay you should do something nice for the host, such as giving them a small present or taking them out to dinner. And be sure not to be an inconsiderate guest or you’re certain to not be invited back.

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