Prague – Czech it out

16 Jul

Yes, I did steal the title from a souvenir shot glass, shh! Prague is an amazing city and I’m very glad I went. We had a ton of fun exploring the city and at a fairly relaxed pace since we had a week there. I distinctly recall lots of time spent lounging around on benches in the parks and making commentary about all and sundry.

The atmosphere was delightful and it helps that it was sunny and warm.  Although neither my friends nor I spoke Czech, we got along quite well since a lot of people in the city spoke English.  We mostly just wandered the streets and happened upon cute, little cafes and restaurants that caught our fancy.  Compared to Sevilla, the prices seemed really cheap so we spent the whole week indulging ourselves.

We did manage to hit a few of the key sites though since we were there for a full seven days.  The Prague Castle is simply gorgeous and definitely worth a visit and can be reached by crossing any of the numerous bridges, my favorite was probably the Charles Bridge because of all the interesting statues that lined it.  Also, the St. Vitus Cathedral is located on the same side as the Castle and has some really neat stained glass windows and altars.  I don’t remember the name of the cafe anymore but there was one close to these sights that served a full menu of decadent desserts and we ended up going there at least three times in the week we were in Prague.

We didn’t have time to visit the National Museum but it looks pretty interesting at night and there are several lively squares around there to keep you occupied.  Speaking of which, I forget which one the Astronomical Clock is located in, but you should stop by there to get a look at it. Also, the Lennon Wall is not to be missed. It’s famous for being a historical wall on which people (mostly college students, I’d assume) would write their grievances in Lennon-inspired graffiti. There’s a few pictures of all this on my flickr photostream if you want to check them out.

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