Athens Trip

23 Jun

I’ve finally decided to finish writing about my Grecian trip.  Yes, I know the Semana Santa processions have passed quite a while ago.  Sorry for the delay but Sevilla had been stealing all of my attention up until this past week and now I’ve finally got some free time to write about all the adventures in between then and now.

My second day in Greece, I attempted to take a walking tour of the city.  Unfortunately, the usual guide was unavailable (read hangover and turned off cell phone) so instead the new guy took us out.  Let’s all be honest here and realize that this guy had probably been in Athens for 2 weeks or so and in addition to not being the brightest crayon in the box was also constantly drunk and/or high.  The man knew the route of the walking tour very well and I have no complaints there, however, the “commentary” part of the tour left a bit to be desired.  “And here’s a statue…moving right along…here’s a park.”  The highlight of the tour for me was when a girl in our group was randomly picked on by a street magician to be used as his assistant.  That part was highly entertaining.  Towards the end of the tour, my two friends and I got separated from the rest of the tour and so we decided to go to the Acropolis and afterwards the market to get some lunch.  The Acropolis was absolutely stunning and beautiful, a truly gorgeous site that is an essential part of any Athenian, or even Grecian, trip.  That night we did another pub “crawl” (we made it to only 2 pubs though) and finished by going to a rather nice nightclub.  We were out until the early morning hours and since I was feeling a bit hungry we stopped outside the club at a slovaki stand.  I was so re-energized by the food that the street vendor and I began dancing in the busy Athen’s street with the rain falling and the passersby slowing to watch us.

On the third day of my week-long trip, my friend and I tried to catch a bus to Sounio but we didn’t manage it.  Instead we spent the day shopping (I really wanted a set of worry beads which I never did get).  Then we rode a very touristy train around the center downtown area.  All the Athenians were laughing at us silly tourists but it was great fun regardless.  After lunch I hung out at the hostel with all my new friends and we had some great conversations.  The one thing I still remember was when my friend said, “It really gets going around 2 or 3” and I asked, “AM or PM?”  The other people at the table burst into laughter while I looked bewildered.  A girl said, “Only a Spaniard or someone studying in Spain would ask that.”  That night a friend I had met learned of an amazing Greek wine place and we dragged a large (8-10, I think) crowd of the hostel backpackers there.  The place was quite a happening spot filled with actual Athenians.  I definitely fell in love with the mulled wine.

The next morning I went to Napflio with two very nice women.  One of them was an Alaskan schoolteacher and the other was studying in Vienna.  We had to catch the metro from the hostel to the bus station and then board a second bus to reach Napflio.  The first bus was ridiculously confusing and we just missed the bus to Napflio so we had to wait for the next one an hour or so later.  We walked around the Old Town, saw the port and the small island, window-shopped, and then climbed up to the fortified city and castle.  We took the bus back to Athens in time for dinner and another night of pub-crawling.  (That seems to be all I ever do in Greece.)

The following morning I went to Aegina with a new friend from England.  We took a ferry from the mainland to the island of Aegina where we rented a 4X4 to travel around the island.  It was a beautiful island with gorgeous views out to sea.  After we took the fast ferry back to Athens we attended a Greek Orthodox mass.  It was a very interesting ceremony despite my not understanding Greek and I had a fun time seeing all the similarities and differences from a Roman Catholic ceremony.  I wish that I had written this entry sooner so that I could expound in length on what I witnessed.  The next morning was unfortunately my flight back to Sevilla, but I will always remember Greece as one of my favorite and most memorable trips.

One Response to “Athens Trip”

  1. Tia Sunday, 24 June 2007 at 12:48 am #

    Athens and Greece sound ASWESOME. You are truly BLESSED. Keep having FUN and Keep making the memories. I LOVE the updates, I feel like this is my way of traveling. Maybe we can plan a trip when you get back to the States. Love and HUGS.

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