Matalascañas: First trip of the new year

1 Mar

I decided to write this post for the sole purpose of making fun of all the people back in Michigan with winter storms on the way. Yesterday was a holiday, Dia de Andalucía, so we got a day off from classes and being such fine weather we decided to go to the beach. The one closest to Sevilla is Matalascañas, about an hour’s bus ride away. It’s a very nice beach and it’s the one where all the sevillanos go for a day off. However, most of the sevillanos weren’t quite as tempted as us by the weather so the beach wasn’t nearly as crowded as usual. The day started out slightly chilly but eventually warmed up enough that I was able to sunbathe and even take a (ridiculously) short dip in the ocean (and accidentally flash my friends). It was a fun day full of sunshine, ice cream, and laziness. Wish all you Michiganders could enjoy such sunny weather!

One Response to “Matalascañas: First trip of the new year”

  1. Tia Saturday, 3 March 2007 at 10:25 pm #

    Look at you at the beach, while I am back at home shoveling snow. I could not even make the trip to Portage today becuase of all the SNOW. I think you people in Spain are just way too spoiled. That whole siesta thing everyday and then your Sundays you are made to take it easy. I tried to talk my Boss into that siesta thing, but he was NOT going for it. Have FUN and keep making the memories. Take pictures for us who aren’t able to travel. Love and HUGS.

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