Sevillano Sundays

25 Feb

It’s another Sunday in Sevilla and yet again there’s really nothing to do here.  All the stores are closed, most of the restaurants are closed, and there’s not really any special event or attraction to go check out.  Do you know how I spend the majority of my Sundays?  Sleeping.  Yes, I sleep practically all day long.  I sleep, get up to eat, go back to sleep, and occasionally stumble outside to sleep in the bright sunshine.  Every once in a great while I decide to be semi-productive and read a bit of my homework or go to Church, but otherwise Sunday is a long siesta with short food breaks.

One Response to “Sevillano Sundays”

  1. Tia Tuesday, 27 February 2007 at 2:41 am #

    At least you have your Sunday’s to fill your tank for the week. Sleep, REST and ENJOY. Rest is the Spirit and he will give you PEACE. SOmetimes, I wish we could slow down a bit here in the USA. At least it’s nice to know that there are still taking it easy one day in Spain. Enjoy your Siestas, wish I could have some here. Love and HUGS

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