My Newfound Love

12 Feb

As of this afternoon I have found myself completely enamored of Triana, one of the older parts of Sevilla. Its charm and vivacity are so different from Los Remedios (the newer residential area I previously lived in) and in my opinion, much better. Admittedly my place is a little far (i.e. 30 minutes walking from the universidad) but the atmosphere totally makes up for it. Not to mention my proximity to the Triana market which would be awesome to visit, assuming that I can convince myself to wake up early. I live right off two main streets which are both so much fun to walk down. Calle San Jacinto is the street that goes from the Triana bridge and into the area itself. There are so many cute little stores and restaurants that I love just wandering down the street and soaking it all up. The buildings and shops, and even the churches, are so full of that unique combination of southern Spanish charm and liveliness. Just watching the people is enough to make me remember what I love about Sevilla and Spain. Of course, all the shoe stores with the wonderful rebajas (sales) that are going on makes it hard to forget. ­čśë

One Response to “My Newfound Love”

  1. Tia Wednesday, 14 February 2007 at 1:16 am #

    WOW…………..sounds like it was worth the wait. God is so good……..all the time. It sounds like God lead you where you needed to be. It sounds WONDERFUL and I hope that you find all the WONDER that God has in store just for you there in your new place. Thanks for the posting. I LOVE your writings, they make me feel like I am there with you. Love and HUGS, Tia

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