Disturbing Amounts of Free Time

1 Feb

I am currently in the throes of an extreme cooking obsession. Now before you run screaming that I have made this into a cooking blog (not a bad idea though…) I am just letting you know the lay of the land. For the past two weeks I have been released from the bondage of classes and spending my time studying for my exams, or at least I should be. Admittedly studying has never been my strong suit so I tend to just ignore it. Of course, this leaves me with, if you would be so kind as to re-examine the title, “disturbing amounts of free time”. I have decided to dedicate this free time to the pursuit of happiness or rather, the pursuit of my stomach’s happiness. By this I mean that I have been cooking up a storm in my little kitchen which sadly has neither an oven nor decent culinary tools. However, I have risen above such paltry inadequacies and have produced what I rather proudly (and perhaps mistakenly) call culinary delights. I have not yet ventured into the realms of Eastern Asian cooking since I am finding it somewhat difficult to find things here in Spain that you would actually expect (this involves a story about the lack of tahini for hummus and a strange experiment involving sesame seeds), but I have been able to reproduce many a Mexican dish thanks to the goldmine of international imports that is Corte Ingles. So in between my increasingly frantic attempts to procure an apartment for the rest of my semester in Sevilla I am exhausting my energies by cooking up ridiculous amounts of Mexican and fusion-Spanish/American dishes. This leaves me little time to study for my exams at the universidad but thankfully I have only one more to go before I start my classes all over again. *sigh* I miss the US university schedule that allows you to finish before Christmas and spend the holidays forgetting everything you learned.

One Response to “Disturbing Amounts of Free Time”

  1. Tia Sunday, 4 February 2007 at 1:23 am #

    Please, do share your cooking recipes that you have come up with. I LOVED the Potatoe Salad that you made us for Christmas, of which I have yet to get that recipe. ENJOY and STUDY hard. Love and HUGS

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