26 Jan

Ok, so imagine the scene.  I’m sitting in a plush armchair at Starbucks in southern Spain with my back to the connected convenience store which is bustling with rowdy customers, looking out the giant glass window at the busy sidewalk at 11 at night.  I must have been having the most exhausting and miserable day of my admittedly short life (or at least in recent memory) and I just wanted to lie back and forget about everything for awhile.  Instead, I was pushed out of the house by my crazy housemother and her constant complaints and was currently reduced to sipping chai tea (I love that stuff) and staring out the window at all the passersby.  Of course, that kind of situation is a perfect (at least, for me) environment for an attack of pensiveness so in order to stave off thinking about all those not-so-great times in life I dedicated myself to writing some poetry.  The attempt was slightly successful in that I felt better after having written the poems however the substance of them quite obviously shows the directions of my thoughts.

A weariness born not as the aftermath of a torment of outbursts
As so many before,
But rather a soul deep tiredness.
A long life lived,
Now may I sleep?
I’ve fought a thousand battles
And now I long for rest.
A thousand temptations and a thousand falls,
But still I rose again desperate to resist.
To close my eyes and see no more,
To think no more,
Abandoning all that chains me here.
To slip into eternal blackness
A void that conquers all:
The body, memories, and dreams.
A seductress who steals all,
Allowing you to sink into complete emptiness.
The final lover whose possessive passion overwhelms all else.
Destruction begins with love.

One Response to “Weariness”

  1. ym Monday, 28 May 2007 at 3:45 pm #

    you sound so deep in thought hope you life takes a turn for the better love you ym

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