Broken Wings

10 Dec

This poem always makes me wish that I really had wings with which to fly. Wings and flying are both very powerful motifs throughout my poetry. Most likely because they offer or represent a sense of freedom and escapism. What do we do in life if not constantly try to escape from it after all? Although this poem also speaks of missing one’s home so perhaps it refers more to escaping the life that we force ourselves to live rather than that which is truly meant for us. The freedom to go to where we should be. Do we have the courage to take that journey or are we purposely binding our wings?

Broken Wings

Each moment, each breath
Well nigh unbearable.
My chest constricted by steel bands.
My heart beats a painful rhythm that cannot be ignored.
Living bound to this wretched earth
Is an agony beyond reckoning.
My wings naught but tattered remains
Sullied by dust and despair.
Aching feet clad in sandals of sun-baked clay,
Broken and bleeding.
The sustenance of life spilling onto this barren wasteland.
My neck stretches,
My face desperately seeking the sun,
Wishing to feel some semblance of my previous life
When I flew unfettered.
No chains to bind my soul,
But graceful wings on which to fly free
Surrounded by my kin who could understand
The true glory in the freedom of the skies.

One Response to “Broken Wings”

  1. ym Monday, 28 May 2007 at 4:01 pm #

    Broken Wings as i read it now i see it’s sorrow the thought of never having the freedom to fly or live there lives please continue to write your poems ym

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