Memories (II)

4 Dec

This poem, while sad, is so full of beautiful imagery that it persists in being one of my favorites.  I love how the cadence of words invokes even more emotion that simply the meaning of the words themselves.

Memories (II)

I walk amongst the enemy,
The cruel wind that creeps past skin
To freeze the inner heart.

My wide-open eyes drip unchecked tears
As my soul cowers like a beaten animal.
I have seen the horrors of man.

My soul crushed like a flower,
Ripped from a garden,
Not yet ready to bloom.

Paralyzed with fear.
Patience. Waiting.
It will all end soon.

Monotonous days of bleak grey skies,
A million faces unseen as the inside weeps
Bloody tears for a pain never forgotten.

Sun that shines through those grey skies
So brightly burning it tries to disguise those harsh memories
That despite all remain so clear in your mind.

The light can shine upon the darkness and hasten it away,
But always it lingers on the fringes seeking to take control,
At the slightest weakness it pounces.

Moments of utter despair that give rise to endless torment.

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