Love’s Dagger

20 Nov

This poem is undeniably one of my favorites. The symbolism is incredibly powerful and moving to me. Of course, everyone has their own opinions and I would love to hear yours. So feel free to write any constructive criticism. Your comments help me and others who might read them to improve upon our writings.

Love’s Dagger
Binding me to Him with pain.
A purer agony, a cooler light,
The pale moon whose steady glow
Counters the blaze of the sun.

That dazzling sun that once stole
My breath with a single glance.
My body longed for her touch
So that I would have sacrificed my soul.
Her bright rays that sliced my skin with their heated touch
Oh, how my body burned!
A fever rising like the tide
My mind consumed by her and only her.

But then He came, that steady presence
That had always been beside me,
He who did not forsake me
Even when I fell to her brilliant charms.

He patiently waited while I succumbed
To that painful pleasure that she offered,
That sweet torment of agonized pleasure,
That glorious sun who slated my thirst
For things beyond my ken.

But when my soul was near broken
And body beyond battered
He came with His silvered dagger
And sliced that final tie between body and soul.

A crimson ribbon frayed,
Now cut by his love.
He who could not mend me, destroyed me.
But in my destruction lay the grounds for my salvation.

He wrapped me in His silken cloak
And carried me far from where
I had lain at her feet.

Now He remains the graceful guardian
Of my sundered remains,
Protecting me from her who would restore me
Only to destroy me,
Over and over again.

One Response to “Love’s Dagger”

  1. Elyssa Wednesday, 22 November 2006 at 6:43 pm #

    Wow….I love the imagery.

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