As a Reminder

8 Nov

Today is the third anniversary of my grandmother’s death. She was a woman of untold dignity and grace. May we all be as strong as her. In remembrance of her I dedicate this poem: to her and to all of the dead, most especially the forgotten ones.  Grandma, you are greatly missed and we hope to join you in your eternal happiness.


My head turns to catch the hint of baby powder on the air.

I remember that faint scent rising from your skin.

I long for that quiet rattle of rosary beads,

The soft exhalation of sighs from between your lips

As you whisper glorifications to our Blessed Mother.

My eyes meet those of a stranger,

The welcoming smile on my lips dies.

Those cold eyes are not the familiar blue that mine seek,

Blinded by clouds across their vision.

Wrinkles that dance and a sweet shy smile.

Water drips from eyes that seek

No longer able to distinguish reality from dream.

Which are you so long lost to me?

My arms ache to embrace you tightly,

Cling to you as you shelter me.

My nose filling with that sweet scent uniquely yours:

Of rose petals and baby powder

With the smell of oranges clinging to your hands.

I dream of returning and seeing you there.

Not the cold lifeless body I left behind that final time,

Lips tinged blue and sorrow like a perfume on the air.

Rather that serene Madonna who sat in her chair.

A regal queen that caught my heart,

My shining warrior surrounded by celestial guardians

Who guided you to a place where I cannot yet follow.

One Response to “As a Reminder”

  1. Tia Friday, 10 November 2006 at 5:04 pm #

    Grandma was always so PROUD of you. I know she is SMILING in Heaven and say that is my MICHELLE. She LOVED you so much. I too miss her sweet SMILE. Her Rosary still hangs next to her chair and when I feel a need to get close I just pick it up and hold it in my hands. She truly was the QUEEN of this family. Thanks for the beautiful poem in her honor. Love, Hugs, Peace and JOY.

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