Las Diferencías

12 Sep

Sevilla, Sevilla.  What can be said about Sevilla?  I’m not sure exactly what to say about the city in which I am now living and will continue to do so for 9 months or so.  It’s very different and very similar to the US.  After all, people in general tend to remain the same no matter where you go.  People are people and all that entails.

But I am made more aware of the differences everyday.  Like midday shopping, for example.  Doesn’t happen here.  You siesta or eat and that’s it.  The only place open in the entire city is the Corte Ingles which is where all the foreigners go during siesta, myself included.  It is also one of the few department-like stores I’ve seen around here.  And it’s HUGE!  There are at least 5 stories in the main building and there are at least 3 other satellite stores in the near area.  Shopping there can be quite an adventure.

Another example is the food here.  There seems to be a lot more emphasis on the pure taste of the food.  I mean, the food tastes like what it is.  A tomato tastes like a tomato and fish tastes like fish.  They don’t use many heavy sauces to attempt to change the flavor of the food.  Rather the sauce compliments the food and you can taste what exactly is in the sauce.  My favorite things so far here are roasted bell peppers and onions in olive oil, tinto de verano, and anything involving seafood.  Magnificent!

And the traffic!  Everyone here has a stick shift, no automatics whatsoever.  Driving with them is certainly fun.  Besides the fact that EVERYONE drives a moto and they apparently have no need to obey traffic laws.  The motos will drive along the sidewalks with the pedestrians and run red lights right in front of anyone or anything.

So that seems like a good intro to Sevilla and Spain.

2 Responses to “Las Diferencías”

  1. ym Tuesday, 12 September 2006 at 10:45 pm #

    Sevilla sounds like a great place to sit and kick back. eat great seafood,shopping. met people from around the world. and relax until night time when things really get to be crazy. i hope you continue to enjoy your self. also i like the new pics.

  2. Tia Wednesday, 13 September 2006 at 3:22 am #

    I LOVE the update. Enjoy yourself and make lots of memories. Truly GOD has so many things in store for you. Can’t wait to see Sevilla for myself. Love and Lots of HUGS.

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